Dr. Rodrigo Jiménez

DDS in Prosthodontics/Cosmetic Dentistry


Louisiana State University

Dr. Rodrigo Jiménez Corrales has a DDS in Prosthodontics/Cosmetic Dentistry. He graduated from the University of Costa Rica in 1989 and in 1995, from the Louisiana State University (LSU) Prosthodontics Program, one of the foremost programs in aesthetic dentistry. During his residency in New Orleans, Dr. Jiménez studied under the guidance of Dr. Gerard Chiche,  one of the top clinicians in the field of Esthetic Dentistry worldwide. 

Upon his return to Costa Rica in 1996, Dr. Jiménez began practiced at Gil Dental Group. He is a respected expert in the field of cosmetic dentistry in Costa Rica and boats over 20 years of experience in Prosthodontics which includes veneerscrowns, and implant restorations.

In addition to a flourishing practice, Dr. Jiménez has worked since 1995 as a professor of Prosthodontics at the School of Dentistry at the University of Costa Rica. He is a lecturer at conferences both locally and abroad and is a member of the Costa Rican Professional Prosthodontics Association. 

Furthermore, Dr. Jimenez is a member of the prestigious Pierre Fauchard Academy and has published several articles in highly respected international dental journals.

Dr. Jimenez´s artistic talents are not only reflected in the beautiful smiles he designs but also in arts. He is an avid artist with training at the University of Costa Rica of Fine Arts and has displayed his work in numerous art exhibits. 

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